Brilliant game caller John Fox decided it was a good idea to run back to back QB sneaks at the end of the Tampa Bay and Carolina Panthers game this past Sunday. Coaching genius this amazing really only comes along once in a lifetime. Not only did Jimmy Clausen crack his scull, but the Panthers failed to move the ball 6 inches on back to back plays. Let’s review some of the other amazing coaching decisions made by John Fox concerning the prized rookie QB.

Season starts with QB Matt Moore at the helm. He sucked… I mean epic sucking. 5 picks in the first two games, 2 TD passes, an average completion percentage at 40% and two losses by a combined total of 51 to 25. Clausen gets 2 snaps in the first game and 20 more in game 2.

Fox, apparently now completely unafraid to pull the starting QB after spending the past couple of seasons riding Jake Delhomme for better or worse into the dumpster, benches Moore in favor of Jimmy Clausen. The rookie has spent 2 NFL games on the bench at this point, not exactly the type of preparation needed for a young QB.

Sure as anyone could have predicted, Clausen gets and has been getting shelacked. His completion percentage for games 3 and 4 is a decent 50% and he matches a single touchdown with a single pick, but winds up losing 2 of his 3 fumbles primarily due to the fact the kid has yet to develop a good understanding of how fast the NFL game is and how little timing he actually has in the pocket.

Since then, he’s struggled getting whipped by Chicago, New Orleans, and Tampa. To make matters worse, John Fox actually benches the kid after a poor performance against the Bears. First of all, you don’t put Clausen into a starting role after game 2 and second of all, once the FUTURE OF YOUR FRANCHISE is under center… you ride him like the horse he is! you don’t bench him after he struggles!

What exactly is John Fox doing with the kid? He’s throwing Clausen to the wolves and letting them tear him and his confidence level to shreds. John Fox should have saved Clausen from this blood bath and let him sit on the bench getting hungrier and hungrier. Instead, we’ve got a gun shy All-American who can’t seem to stay off the turf. We need to fire John Fox before he sinks next years team as well. How the hell is Bill Cowher supposed to win without a QB to manage the game?

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