Jonathan Stewart had a successful return to action this past Sunday versus the Cleveland Browns. Stewart carried the ball 12 times for 98 yards and generally looked to be in great game shape throughout the contest. Jonathan Stewart basically looked like the future of the franchise, which very well may be the case now that DeAngelo Williams can’t prove his worth over the last few weeks of the 2010 season.

Mike Goodson also had a good game against the Browns, and continued to make the most of his opportunity after Williams and Stewart teamed up to ride some pine over the past 2 weeks.

So the question becomes, who’s your starter for next week against the Seattle Seahawks? I have to give the nod to Jonathan Stewart for one reason alone. Mike Goodson has fumbilitis. I mean seriously. Can someone please give this guy a Tiki Barber video? Tiki Barber had fumbilitis too and then one off-season, made a change to hold the ball higher against his chest. Viola! no more fumble problems. To back that up with some fact, between 2000 and 2003, Tiki Barber fumbled the ball 35 times. After an off-season of working on keeping the ball ‘high and tight’ Tiki fumbled the ball a total of 9 times over the final 3 seasons of his career. Seriously it’s a crime that our coaches haven’t developed Goodson – oh wait, I forgot who our coach was…

Dare I say it, but you could trade DeAngelo for a veteran QB to develop Jimmy, teach Goodson not to fumble, make Stewart your starter, and nobody would know the difference. Hell we could win 3 games next year with those changes in place, save us some money, and it would be a resounding success of a season!!

Who should be the starting RB for the rest of 2010?

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